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Health Insurance – Policy Year 2018-2019

All MERP students are required to have health insurance coverage while participating in the program. To that end, a basic health insurance plan is available to students, their legal spouses and dependents. Students must either be enrolled in the MERP-sponsored health insurance or prove coverage under another plan.

Our coverage year is from August 25th of the current year to August 25th of the following year.  The coverage year is broken into three (3) trimesters for the purpose of billing.

The billing periods are as follows (dates below are approximate and may change slightly from year to year):

  • Billed in July/August: Coverage for August 02 through December 25
  • Billed in November/December: Coverage for November 29 through April 23
  • Billed in March/April: Coverage for April 11 through August 24


Rate is $906.00. Price includes an administration charge.

Roughly five weeks prior to the start of these periods, students enrolled in the MERP-sponsored health insurance plan will be billed for coverage in conjunction with any other unpaid program charges. The Insurance charge will appear on your account as a separate item titled “Health Insurance Fee”. Account summaries may be obtained upon request to the Office of Student Finance or can be printed by the student through myMERP. It is the student's responsibility to make sure insurance enrollment or waiver information is current.

Waiving Coverage

Students who have their own coverage, or are covered by a parent or spouse’s insurance plan, may waive the MERP-provided insurance. Students will be notified via e-mail concerning steps to waive health insurance once they arrive in Miramar. Students who elect to waive the school sponsored health insurance plan must fill out an electronic waiver form by logging onto Aetna Student Health.

Once a waiver is applied to a student’s account, the waiver remains in effect until the student requests to be reinstated in the MERP-sponsored health insurance plan. There is no need to file additional waivers unless the student changes insurance plans. Waivers must be submitted by the deadline listed in the notification e-mail. The deadline is approximately 30 days from the start of the program.

  • If you are attending MERP starting in August, you have until September 1st to request a waiver of the insurance.
  • If you are attending MERP starting in November/December, you have until January 1st to request a waiver of the insurance.
  • If you are attending MERP starting in April, you have until May 1st to request a waiver of the insurance.

Aetna advises the Office of Student Finance of approved waivers. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their waiver was approved. Aetna will e-mail students directly as to whether their waiver was approved or failed. Failed waivers will not be processed and students will be billed for that period.

Reinstatement of Coverage

Students who have previously waived the MERP-sponsored insurance plan must do so by submitting an electronic reinstatement form available on myMERP. Students must file reinstatement requests in a timely manner to avoid any gaps or lapses in insurance coverage.

Spouse and Dependent Enrollment

At the beginning of each billing period students may elect, at their own cost, additional coverage for their legal spouse and/or dependent(s). For this additional coverage, students must fill out the online Enrollment Form available from Aetna Student Health. All premiums for spouse or dependent coverage must be made directly to Aetna Student Health. Enrollment for spouse or dependent coverage must be completed no more than 35 days after the start of the coverage period (see dates above). For further information on the policies, procedures and coverage limits of this health insurance, please read our insurance plan brochure on Aetna Student Health. Further information regarding claims (including claim forms) and specific coverage can be obtained by contacting Aetna Student Health at 877-381-3551. For information on emergency evacuation services, please visit On Call International.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Finance Office at 732-509-3051 or bursar@medready.org

The purpose of the Medical Education Readiness Program is to prepare prospective students to be successful as a medical student. Students accepted into this program are not being admitted into medical school, and will not be awarded any kind of degree or credential other than a certificate of completion. However, we believe that students who successfully complete the program will be prepared for the challenge of medical school.