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MERP Student Testimonials

Many students who undergo the Medical Education Readiness Program (MERP) say that not only do they find the program beneficial, but that the lessons learned from MERP are still helping them excel as medical school students. Watch the video below and read on to hear what some of our MERP students have to say about their experience.

A panel of AUC students answer questions about their MERP experience.

Student and Alumni Profiles

Sola Fasusi, MD"It was such a blessing to do MERP, because it literally gave you a framework to study. It gave you an organized group of people that you feel comfortable studying with, and the professors and lectures were some of the best I’ve ever had. I still remember half of the lectures from immunology and physiology. I tell people that some of the strongest students [at Ross], period, were from our MERP class."

— Sola Fasusi, MD, Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) Class of 2010. Currently, Dr. Fasusi is wrapping up his training as chief surgery resident at the Medical College of Georgia (MCG). He was also recently recruited for a plastic surgery fellowship at MCG. 

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Brandon Lewko, MD"In the first few semesters at AUC, there was a significant amount of material that I recognized from MERP. Seeing the material for the second time, I could build on it faster and understand it better. I think that's one of the great benefits of MERP."

— Brandon Lewko, MD, American University of the Caribbean (AUC) Class of 2016. Dr. Lewko is a family medicine resident at United Hospital Center in West Virginia.

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"MERP provided the foundation for me to acquire the fundamental knowledge necessary for a successful completion of medical school. Most of my studying habits, which I still use to this day, were also formed during my time in MERP."

— Carson Kaeser, MD, RUSM '12. Dr. Kaeser is chief resident in OB/GYN at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. He recently matched into a female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery fellowship at Christ Hospital and The University of Cincinnati.

 Shannon Stegall, MD“The MERP route is something that we, as students, think should be more of a standard as opposed to the exception to the rule. It’s a great way to build up your foundation so when you get into medical school, it’s not the fire-hose effect with all the information. MERP is the way to go.” 

— Shannon Stegall, MD, AUC '16. Dr. Stegall is an internal medicine resident at Nassau University Medical Center in New York.

“I took [MERP] as an opportunity to show that I have what it takes, and that I can do this. It was probably the best thing for me. I learned how to be a good student and graduated with honors. I also made friends for life.”

— Garrett Whyne, MD, RUSM Class of 2014. Dr. Whyne recently matched into a family medicine residency at Northern Ontario School of Medicine via the CaRMS match. Read more about Dr. Whyne here.

Esther Bell, AUC student“MERP helped me discover the best study style for me and allowed me to prepare myself mentally for the Medical Sciences curriculum. Having been exposed to material before my classes also allowed me the freedom to be more involved in extracurricular activities, including Student Government President during my 3rd and 4th semesters. I always say that being “MERP-ed” is the best thing that ever happened to me, because it gave me exposure to material and allowed me to fulfill my goal of being inducted in the Honor and Service Society during my fifth semester.

— Esther Bell, AUC student

“The Academic Success sessions have taught me how to study better and more efficiently so that I can—in the future—be able to compile and absorb the material and apply it in the way that is necessary to be a physician.” 

— Jessica Kass, RUSM student

Mike Mosier, MD“The MERP [instructors] have been great. They’re really approachable, they want to help you, and most importantly, they’re extremely knowledgeable in their fields.”

— Mike Mosier, MD, AUC '17. Dr. Mosier recently matched into a physical medicine & rehabilitation residency at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center.

"I really enjoyed the biochemistry lectures, and thought MERP's Academic Success program was very helpful. Please keep doing the awesome job that you did with us. I know that everyone who put in the required effort benefited from MERP."

— Salman Humayon, AUC student

Ramandeep Kahlon, AUC student“The rigors of MERP definitely prepare you for what’s ahead and provide a solid foundation you can build on. MERP also gives you the opportunity to figure out study habits and what works for you before you get to medical school.”

— Ramandeep Kahlon, AUC student

"Getting conditionally accepted wasn’t quite the answer I was hoping for when applying to medical school. But little did I know that the MERP program would give me such a big advantage in my studies here at AUC. During my time in MERP, I got to attend sessions on study techniques and test-taking skills. This rigorous 15-week program allowed me to master my own personal study method and because of this program, I was very prepared for medical school. MERP gave me the foundational knowledge I needed and this knowledge was extremely beneficial during my first two semesters. MERP also helped me adjust to St. Maarten much more smoothly, because I had already established a group of friends [during MERP] going to the island. This program is extremely beneficial and I attribute much of my success thus far at AUC to this program!"

— Kai Ackley, AUC student

Ozioma Nwaigwe, RUSM student"If it wasn’t for this program, I wouldn’t have had the GPA that I had, or been on the dean’s list. One of the key benefits of MERP is that it helps you figure out your learning style. There’s so much personal attention, which helps you understand what your hang-ups are and how to improve them. MERP taught me that it’s okay to go to an instructor’s office and ask for help if I’m struggling.”

— Ozioma Nwaigwe, RUSM student