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Gannady Raskin, MD, NDThe program covers four basic science courses: Medical Anatomy/Histology, Medical Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Medical Microbiology/Immunology and Medical Physiology/Biophysics. These courses provide similar content and depth to those taught in a medical school curriculum.

Attended to all scheduled lectures at MERP is mandatory; lectures are video recorded and made available online. Students are also able to access course materials, supplemental information and their grades through an easily accessible online portal.

Various forms of assessments are administered to evaluate students' progress at MERP. Quizzes are administered weekly and account for a portion of the grades. Students are also graded on integrated clinical cases, which are discussed in small groups and facilitated by MERP instructors. Three exams with USMLE-style multiple choice questions account for the majority of the grade in each subject.

The purpose of the Medical Education Readiness Program is to prepare prospective students to be successful as a medical student. Students accepted into this program are conditionally admitted into medical school, and will not be awarded any kind of degree or credential other than a certificate of completion. However, we believe that students who successfully complete the program will be prepared for the challenge of medical school.